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a socio-cultural magazine ornamented with a series of inevitable informations, essential in day to day life in the twincity of Katak and Bhubaneswar. This zone of Odisha is dynamically upgrowing into the frame of a metropolis infrastructure requiring sophistication in all the fields. Bhubaneswar is estimated as the sixth among the top ten rapid developing cities of India where any type of investment will be a sure success.

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After a sincere observation, it is evidently felt the necessity of one information guide, carrying socio-cultural messages to feed and supplement for the intellectuals, executives, professionals, bankers, industrialists, academicians, hoteliers, entrepreneurs, common households and all sectors in general.

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The ‘Twincity Plus' reaching the readers in by-monthly basis carrying all the features of social, cultural, trade-commercial, academic, health, tourism, lifestyle, historical, archaeological, scientific, astrological, literary and research issues.


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